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How To Protect Your Foundation

The summer weather is usually scorching and sunny when it comes to summer. Consequently, the foundations of your house will be subjected to significant changes in temperature and humidity as a result of these changes. As a result, the structural integrity of your home can be compromised and lead to costly repairs in the future. There are a number of ways that summertime heat can damage the foundation of your home, including:

You Have Cracks In Your Foundation

Due to the fact that concrete is a porous material, moisture can seep through it. When exposed to the sun for extended periods of time, the wood can become brittle, and cracks can begin to appear. In the event that it is not treated, it may cause significant problems with the structure of your house.

Soil Shrinkage

As a result of excessive heat, water evaporates from the soil and concrete, causing them to shrink. If the soil around your foundation shrinks, it creates voids and spaces underneath your home, which allows air to flow into the foundation as a result of the shrinkage. As a result of increased airflow, more soil dries up, which causes cracks in your foundation as a result.

The Foundation Is Sinking

As long as the foundation of a house does not find new support, it will always settle until it finds a new one. The longer the dryness lasts, the more likely it is that your foundation will settle as a result. It is possible for the dry soil beneath your house to shift, and as a result, your home’s foundation will also start moving until it is able to be supported once again by the healthy soil. It is likely that the foundation of your home will lean towards a sinking foundation as a result. As a result, the corner of your foundation may settle more than the rest of the foundation.

How To Protect Your Foundation From Damage

Keep It Moist

In order to prevent soil contractions and cracks in the foundation of a home during the summer months, homeowners can water their foundations. The soil surrounding your foundation can be watered for 15 to 20 minutes every day for a period of three weeks. The hoses should be kept at a distance of 6 to 18 inches from the foundation. Even though your water bill may rise, it’s a better solution than repairing your foundation at a cost that’s considerably higher.

Cracks In Your Foundation Walls Can Be Repaired

Cracks in your foundation should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage or water intrusion.

As far as the foundation issue is concerned, it is not just a summertime problem. There is also a possibility that your home’s foundation may develop cracks and lose its integrity as the weather gets colder. In spite of the weather or season, foundational cracks should be inspected as soon as possible and should be repaired as soon as possible. We at Dry Master in New Jersey are here to serve all of your foundation needs, including inspections, repairs, and education throughout the whole process.

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