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DryMaster Basement Waterproofing Problem-Solution Gallery!

We understand that a wet or leaky basement can be a homeowner’s nightmare, and we’re here to showcase how we turn those nightmares into success stories. In this gallery, you’ll find a collection of real-life basement waterproofing challenges we’ve encountered and the innovative solutions we’ve provided. From tackling persistent leaks to combating moisture issues, our team at DryMaster Basement Waterproofing has the expertise to transform your damp basement into a dry, comfortable living space. Dive into these visual narratives to witness how we’ve made homes healthier, safer, and more resilient, one waterproofing solution at a time.


Wet basement due to hydrostatic pressure (rising water table), and a leaking floor crack.


Installation of a full perimeter French drain to prevent leaking at the cove base due to hydrostatic pressure ( rising water table),  and repairing a leaking floor crack by installing a lateral French drain. The job included a total of 140 linear feet of  ADS 4″ subfloor drain pipe, drain stone, drain core board, a 1/2 hp Zoeller sump pump and 1 crock with the discharge going to the rear yard. 

The floor was removed using jack hammers and all debris was removed by buckets .  The trench was treated with an anti-bacterial detergent and the floor was put back with 3000lb test cement.  The work site was left broom clean.  

Total time was 2 days with our 5 man crew. 

Large crack repair to a basement foundation wall in Sewell, NJ, utilizing epoxy polymers and carbon fiber.

This is a carbon fiber and epoxy crack repair in the basement walls of a 75-year old house in Mullica Hill, NJ.

Carbon fiber and epoxy crack repair to the foundation basement wall of a home in Cherry Hill, NJ

Restoration of foundation walls in the basement of a 100+ year old home in Philadelphia, PA

Steel I-beam basement wall bracing (foundation reinforcement) in a 25-year old, 3,600 square foot colonial home in Sewell.  This type of reinforcement helps prevent cracks and sagging as a home settles.