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Crawlspace Solutions in NJ & PA

Crawlspaces need waterproofing too!

What is the purpose of a crawlspace? Simply put, the crawlspace elevates your home off the ground which can be a necessity in damp or termite-prone locations. It can also house the plumbing and ductwork of a home and allows access to service those systems.

Problems occur when crawlspaces become damp or wet. Hydrostatic pressure forces water into the foundation blocks of a crawlspace just as it does in a basement. Excessive moisture in a crawlspace provides an environment for mold to thrive, eventually spreading into the rest of the
home. This moisture can also attract wood-boring insects that destroy the wood substructure. The presence of insects may also draw rodents and other pests. Furthermore, a leaky and unfinished crawlspace might also be increasing your energy costs.

The elimination of moisture and reduction of humidity in your crawlspace is crucial to a healthy home. This step will help control mold growth, wood rot and insect infestation, which can also alleviate any rodent issues. Reducing moisture can put an end to any mustiness or unsavory smells emanating from the area.

Many crawlspaces have built-in ventilation to allow airflow. However, the latest studies indicate that ventilation can actually increase moisture and humidity levels in the crawlspace. The difference in air temperature outside the home and the temperature in the crawlspace during the summer
months causes moisture condensation to form on pipes, floor joists and just about every surface in the crawlspace area, again leading to mold growth and wood rot, which attracts termites. Ventilation also allows cold winter air to circulate under the home, cooling down the pipes, furnaces, ductwork,
and other heating elements in the crawlspace which can lead to increased utility costs. It can also make the floor above an uncomfortably cold surface to walk on. 

But there’s good news! No matter what problems you might be facing with your crawlspace, DryMaster has proven and effective solutions that are guaranteed to work, including:

  • Vapor Barriers
  • Encapsulation Systems
  • Drainage Systems
  • Sump Pumps
  • Floor Leveling
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Ventilation Sealing

DryMaster will make sure the end result is a clean, dry, and healthy crawlspace that will help green your home and keep the temperature, humidity, and energy bills at a comfortable level year-round. Call DryMaster today to schedule your free estimate.